The Power of the Solar Plexus (MKE 3)

As a martial artist I learned how to inflict pain by striking various vital points on the human body. One of those points is called the solar plexus, which is located in the pit of the stomach in front of the Aorta. It is part of the sympathetic nervous system which is associated with theContinue reading “The Power of the Solar Plexus (MKE 3)”

Creating Good Habits to Strengthen My Self-Confidence (MKE 2)

I’m finding it a lot easier now to read Og and find myself finishing sentences on the page before I get to them. My enthusiasm for reading Scroll 1 is really amazing to me since I wasn’t an avid reader of books prior to MKE. I mostly read monthly subscriptions to Health and fitness magazines.Continue reading “Creating Good Habits to Strengthen My Self-Confidence (MKE 2)”

Opening My Mind to Change (MKE 1)

This is my first blog post, so bear with me as I’m new to writing one. I’ve been in MKE for just about a week now and I’m really excited to begin my journey of renewed self-discovery and thereby unlock my untapped potential. As I read The World’s Greatest Salesman I can see how theContinue reading “Opening My Mind to Change (MKE 1)”