Wild (MKE 14)

This week I watched “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon, based on a true story. The movie is about a woman who decides to go on a trek across the Pacific Crest Trail. On this journey of self-discovery she learns what it means to have inner strength and persistent will to succeed. 

Throughout the movie there were flashbacks of the main character’s life and of some of the bad decisions she had made, along with the consequences of her actions. All of this lead up to her making this arduous trip.

The character is a heroin and sex addict as a result of trauma and grief of the loss of her mother, which results in her getting divorced. All of this sets in motion her desire to accomplish her goal of completing this journey alone – hoping that she can find some peace and healing from her past.

She wants to prove to herself and to all the naysayers that she does indeed have the inner strength to fulfill her goal and complete the trail.

As the saying goes, fortune rewards the prepared. This is a lesson she learns the hard way as we often do. In this case she realized that she bought boots that were too small for her which caused her feet to blister and as a result she lost her boots. Being well prepared (strong in your thoughts, visualize with clarity, action with intent to succeed) all are necessary in order to achieve your goals.

Her experience also shows what Napoleon Hill called “The 4 habits of persistence”:

  1. A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment.
  2. A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.
  3. A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.
  4. A friendly alliance with one or more person who will encourage you to follow through with both plan and purpose.

The 1st example of the 4 habits of persistence  (definite purpose) is when the main character determines that hiking this trail will be the best way for her to deal with her past and the death of her mother.

The 2nd example of the 4 habits of persistence (definite plan) is when the main character researches and buys all the supplies and equipment (a fully loaded backpack) that she will need to have to complete her trek. 

The 3rd example of the 4 habits of persistence (a mind closed tightly to negative and discouraging influences) is when the main character has to deal with all the negative stereotyping that goes with being a women on the trail by herself (not strong enough to make it or protect herself).

The 4th example of the 4 habits of persistence (a mastermind group) is the relationship she has with her ex-husband. He makes sure that she has all her supplies at each checkpoint and provides support to her when she is feeling mentally exhausted. (She communicates with him throughout the journey.)

Having found the MKE and utilizing the principles that I’m learning, I am implementing the 4 habits of persistence into my life so that I can Think, Visualize, and Act to accomplish all of my goals.

Mental Diet (MKE 13)

This week was a challenge for me. I was working on the principles of the 7-Day Mental Diet. Trying not to form any opinions was hard Lol.

It can be very difficult not to form opinions or to express them in today’s society with so many forums at our disposal. Facebook, Twitter and blog posts all of these give us access to people that we may or may not ever meet and we can give our two cents on all kinds of topics.

As challenging as it was for me, I came away with a better sense of myself and realized just how influential social media can be if we let it seep into our mind. The more I tried, the more frustrated I became until I let go of Ego and realized that my judgements of others were really judgements of myself.

I can’t tell you how liberating it was to admit and recognize the truth of my own judgments. The MKE, plus reading Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman In The World” and Charles Haanel’s Master Key has opened me up to a better way of thinking. 

By ridding my mind of constant opinions and judgments, I’m emptying my cup. I’m making room for more positive thoughts. I’m making room for constructive thinking. I’m making room for my goals. 

I will still have my work cut out for me, but I am more mindful of how judgements will only bring about a negative result within me.

Accomplishments (MKE 12)


We have all experienced accomplishments or strived for them. 

Throughout our lives, we are often judged by our peers by the number of things we’ve accomplished, or by how big those accomplishments were.

Who’s to say – or judge – how big or small an accomplishment is? Only YOU can say, because it’s yours to own. Although most goals are achieved by a team of supportive people, such as a mastermind, no one can judge them. Only you. Your achievements are not that of your friends, family or anybody else. Just You.

Everyone defines an accomplishment differently. Someone who is dealing with an illness that restricts their movement may see getting out of bed each morning as a great accomplishment, and it is. For others, getting the kids off to school on time is an accomplishment. For me, I’m paying attention to all my achievements, big and small. All are to be celebrated. Your subconscious doesn’t differentiate between them. My subconscious doesn’t know there’s a difference between earning my Black Belt in Martial Arts and sending Christmas cards out to my family. It doesn’t differentiate between quitting drinking, posting my daily workouts faithfully, and cleaning the cat box. I am recognizing and celebrating ALL of them. 

When you celebrate your accomplishments, you are training your subconscious that you CAN and DO accomplish your goals. 

Haanel says the 3 steps that are essential to achieving our accomplishments are: 

1. The acknowledgement of our power. 

2. The courage to dare. 

3. The faith to do.

Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application, and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.

Charles Haanel

I’m working to apply these steps to achieve my next accomplishments: completing this course, becoming a certified personal trainer, and of course, cleaning the cat box. 

Words Have Power (MKE 10)

Reading scroll 3 in The Greatest Salesman In The World, by Og Mandino has really hit home for me this week. I’ve enjoyed scroll 1 and 2 and have gained tremendous insight from reading them, but 3 has resonated with me the most so far. “I persist until I succeed” has become my new mantra or affirmation that I concentrate on throughout the day.

My thoughts on my success have increased along with my commitment to achieving that success. Before I would say to myself “Yeah, I want to make personal training a career.“  But, it was usually a fleeting moment of thought. Now, making this goal a reality is all I’m thinking about and working towards!

There is a paragraph on page 65 of The Greatest Salesman In The World that I read multiple times because it speaks to me so strongly. It says:

I will never consider defeat and I will remove from my vocabulary such words and phrases as quit, cannot, unable, impossible, out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless and retreat; for they are the words of fools. I will avoid despair but if this disease of the mind should infect me then I will work on in despair. I will toil and I will endure. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows.

Og Mandino

Such a powerful message that is. I let that seep into my mind so that it grows in strength and reinforces my commitment to accomplishing my desired goals.

In sports or in life you may hear a coach or teacher say that a person is weak in a certain area when trying to explain why someone is having trouble. I believe often a “weakness” is perceived as something that will never get better, or only minimally. I like to say “There are no weaknesses, only challenges.” To me, a challenge is positive in that it can be overcome. 

As a martial arts instructor I try to accentuate the positive whenever I’m teaching a student. I do the same in my own life. I don’t like to use negative terms when addressing problems. If we think of something as a negative, it will always be perceived as a negative. As we have learned, our thoughts manifest in our bodies, So, if we use negative terms to address the problem, our bodies will respond to it in a negative way (such as through poor performance in sports or martial arts or even through illness or depression). Haanel teaches us to recite the affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” All positive terms when spoken release a chemical response (those feel-good peptides) that connect our thoughts and our bodies together. 

All of this goes back to my “think, visualize, act” principle. And the language you use reinforces it all. If you think and visualize using negative terms, you will get negative results. If you think and visualize using positive language, the results will be what you desire. 

Using powerful positive language helps me persist until I succeed.

The Truth (MKE 9)

The truth will set you free. I’ve heard that expression used many times when growing up from my parents to my teachers to clergy. As a child I just thought this was just something to say; little did I know the real value in what it meant. 

Reading The Greatest Salesman In The World, by Og Mandino has made me see the power of that expression. The truth in our beliefs is what gives us the power to accomplish any task. You have to believe it to achieve it. You have to see your goals and desires as true and believable in order to achieve them. This frees you from doubt and self-imposed limitations.

From reading Og Mandino and Charles Haanel, I see that the nature of truth is spiritual. When I’m connected to spirit or source or higher power (God), then I know that my desires and goals are true and believable, and I have the ability to achieve them. I trust that how I can achieve them will be revealed with that connection.

When seeking answers, we use prayer to speak with the source (higher power) recognizing the Omnipotence of spiritual power and the benefits from it. For every problem there is a solution; we only have to look within ourselves (our spiritual connection) to find the truth to that solution.

To know the Truth is to be in harmony with the infinite and omnipotent power. To know the truth is, therefore, to connect yourself with a power which is irresistible and which will sweep away every kind of discord, inharmony, doubt or error of any kind, because the “truth is mighty and will prevail.

Charles Haanel

The truth of our words and the belief in that truth gives power to our actions and the outcomes of those actions. As I proceed in this course, I find myself believing more and more in myself and my ability to make my desired wishes come true. 

Imagination – The Building Blocks Of Your Reality (MKE 8)

Has anyone ever said to you, that you have a wild imagination? I never really liked that saying. It always made me feel as though I was just a dreamer, never the architect of my thoughts. 

As a child, I used my imagination to conjure up ways to play and keep myself occupied when I was alone. As an adult, it became more apparent to me that the imagination is a tool that can be used to create. An idea can take shape in our minds and become substance from those thoughts.

Imagination is the constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action.

Charles Haanel

All successful people throughout history have had constructive imaginations. Where would the world be without Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla or Alexander Graham Bell whose imaginations helped change the world?

We all have the same capabilities as those great inventors to bring to life what our minds can imagine.

The MKE course has shown me this can be true, that using the principles of the 7 Laws of Nature along with the teachings of Haanel I can bring a harmonious connection from creative thinking to constructive imagination to manifestation of physical action. 

I found it difficult this past week when trying to imagine what to teach my students. We emphasize social distancing while in class which means every student has to practice techniques in the air.

Since martial arts is combat oriented, normally students practice their skills on each other. Because of Covid 19 that’s no longer possible. I had to imagine new ways to present the techniques so that the students wouldn’t get bored. 

This week I took the time to meditate, and I imagined myself in class teaching a sequence of techniques to the students with the emphasis on disguising the techniques to add variety, and so students wouldn’t have “the same old same old” experiences. It worked. I was able to show them techniques they’ve done before, just in a new imaginative way. I was really inspired by the results.

When I was young I thought imagination was just like daydreaming, letting random thoughts and images go through my head, not necessarily leading anywhere. I’ve been so excited to discover that imagination in the form of focused thoughts and visualizations is the foundation for creating my own outcomes, my own reality.

Can I get a Whoop Whoop? 🙂

Think, Visualize, Act (MKE 7)

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about Creative Visualization — a term I’ve heard spoken about from when I was a child to the man I am today.

I first started learning about creative visualization when I was three or four years old attending what I called “bowling school.” It was really a daycare center for kids whose mothers were in a morning bowling league together. I remember learning a lot about visualization from one of my teachers. I can’t remember her name, but I do remember that creative visualization was talked about — preached if you will. It was the 60’s after all.

As I got older I started attending a progressive church that taught both Christian and Jewish faith. Even though it was a faith-based organization, we were always taught to use creative visualization to see the shining light of God within us. 

By the time I got to junior high school, I had been using visualization for a number of years. I had started reading books about the power of the mind, like Johnathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, and Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Powerful influences in my life at the time. I believed in that power to succeed and I still do! 

In high school I went back to the church scene.  It was still a Christian based church, but it was strong on using the power of our thoughts to visualize pictures and manifest through physical action. At the end of high school I thought I wanted to be a minister. I saw myself being in service to God and Humankind for so many years, and thought that I wanted to take that path.

Time Warp… now I’m in my 50’s and I’m not a minister. I lost the desire to become a minister, but I kept my faith. I now serve God in other ways. I train and teach martial arts and I’m a personal trainer. I use creative visualization when doing both. The Mind/Body/Spirit connection is what I strive for in all my training. Each one is strong on its own but they are more  powerful when working together, and able to accomplish anything. 

We incorporate many different martial arts in our blended martial arts system, but the one thing that all the arts have in common is creative visualization; we see the outcome of the conflict before it happens. We think of the outcome we want, visualize the results, and take action. I think of this as the “think-visualize-act” principle. 

I used my “think-visualize-act” principle in the Thai Boxing class I taught this week. Due to social distancing, we have squared off areas on the floor big enough for one person to move around in. I had my students use visualization when moving around in their squares, fighting imaginary opponents. 

In all things in life we need to use the awesome power of our mind. We write the script, or paint the picture that we want to live. We can’t let the negative words of the critics (the personal mind) deter us from making that script come to life. Instead, as Haanal explains, we need to embrace the spiritual (or impersonal mind) to create our desired result. 

And, we can create our desired result by using this “think-visualize-act” principle. We think of what we want (our desired outcome), we visualize the details of it, and take action. This results in manifestation. 

Remember that thought is the fire that creates the steam that turns the wheel of fortune, upon which your experiences depend.

Charles Haanel

Remember, it all begins with the mind.

The Power Of Concentration (MKE 6)

I can’t count how many times I’ve been told about the importance of paying attention throughout my life by my parents, teachers and my martial arts instructors. I would venture to say — many hundreds of thousands of times to be sure.

When I was young I just thought it was something adults would say to establish a sense of authority over me.

So like any rebellious kid, I didn’t always do it because I thought I knew everything. But of course, I was wrong.

As I got older I came to the realization that by paying attention I could accomplish more than when my attention was scattered. If I hadn’t accepted this to be true, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through school or been able to keep a job, and definitely would not have earned my 6th degree black belt in martial arts.

 The power of concentration defines how successful you can become. We should never take for granted how the mind uses this power to help propel us to greatness or to seek out success in our endeavors. When I can focus my thoughts, I have more control of them, and my thoughts can cause my desired effect.

The brain is never the same size once it learns something new. We seek knowledge and become inspired to use it, and the brain grows. Meditation is another way of implementing constructive thinking. When I meditate, I train my brain to focus and direct thoughts to establish a desired effect.

Attention or concentration is probably; the most important essential in the development of mind culture.The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credible to the uninitiated. The cultivation of attention is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman, and is the very highest personal accomplishment which can be acquired.

Charles Haanel

So I’m still a little rebellious, but now I know that focused concentration is a way to establish a sense of authority over myself.

All things can be accomplished with the power of concentration.

The Power of Within (MKE 5)

The human mind is the most comprehensive computer in existence, complex in its design and function. It is said that we only use 10% of the power that it is capable of generating. So what about the other untapped 90%? Why is it that some people seem to utilize more of its power than others?

Maybe it’s because the people who tap into the other 90% think differently. Thoughts to words — words to action. The mind in action is thought, and thought achieves creative results. Matter is powerless without the mind to give it power.

To get control over matter we need to have a pre-existing thought. To achieve your desired result, you must first see it in your mind’s eye for it to become your reality. (Thought is creative). But often we let outside elements (such as home, business, and social environments) interfere with or influence our way of thinking, which can have great impacts on our ideas and prejudices. Unfortunately we often accept these influences on our thinking without any real consideration of how they affect us. Our thoughts can give way to physical responses by way of the Sympathetic System, or the conscious to the subconscious mind.

Negative thoughts lead us on a path to destructive results which can be corrosive to our bodies like a bad battery, whereas positive thoughts lead us to a path of empowerment. True power comes from within and all things are possible when you believe they are. Our subconscious mind is the powerhouse of our thoughts and the engine to bring about our desired results. Power perceived is power achieved.

The great fact is, that the source of all life and all power is from within. Persons, circumstances and events may suggest need and opportunities, but the insight, strength and power to answer these needs will be found within.

Charles Haanel

I discovered this to be true in my own life when I started training in the martial arts. The circumstances and people in my life were trying to interfere or sabotage my thinking, telling me I wouldn’t last or be any good. I turned inward and started meditating on all the positive things that I was getting from martial arts, and the things I wanted to achieve. My thoughts began to manifest my desired result and soon I was teaching and leading classes. I believe that going within, meditating, visualizing, and tapping into the power within, is what gave me these results.  

Before starting my MKE journey, I didn’t believe that I could complete a course like this. But look at me now… I’m writing my fifth blog post and kicking butt! And it’s all because I’m doing my best to apply these very principles.

I Am In Service (MKE 4)

Have you ever used affirmations as a way of channeling your energy to bring about a positive outcome, goal or mindset?

Ever since I can remember, I always felt a connection to a higher power (God, Spirit, Creator, Gaia). When I would look at the sky or see an animal or the leaves on a tree I could see the energy all around it. Not fully understanding what I was experiencing, my thoughts were running wild trying to figure it out. But I knew I felt a Spiritual connection or vibration. All things have a rhythm or vibration. In Haanel, thought is explained as spiritual energy carried by the law of vibration.

The phrase “I AM” is the affirmation I use to bring my thoughts or spiritual energy into focus. My thoughts take form so that they grow and manifest into creative power. I realize that the “I” isn’t about me but about what I can do in the service of others. True power comes from the flow of giving. For when you give of yourself the law of attraction multiplies your return.

The more we give the more we shall get, we must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity. The Universal is constantly seeking to express itself, to be of service, and it seeks the channel whereby it can find the greatest activity, where it can do the most good, where it can be of greatest service to mankind.

Charles Haanel

The Universe looks to express itself through each individual, and each individual’s service is different.

I’m on a quest to be my best, in the service of others this week.