Accomplishments (MKE 12)

Accomplishments.  We have all experienced accomplishments or strived for them.  Throughout our lives, we are often judged by our peers by the number of things we’ve accomplished, or by how big those accomplishments were. Who’s to say – or judge – how big or small an accomplishment is? Only YOU can say, because it’s yoursContinue reading “Accomplishments (MKE 12)”

Imagination – The Building Blocks Of Your Reality (MKE 8)

Has anyone ever said to you, that you have a wild imagination? I never really liked that saying. It always made me feel as though I was just a dreamer, never the architect of my thoughts.  As a child, I used my imagination to conjure up ways to play and keep myself occupied when IContinue reading “Imagination – The Building Blocks Of Your Reality (MKE 8)”

Think, Visualize, Act (MKE 7)

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about Creative Visualization — a term I’ve heard spoken about from when I was a child to the man I am today. I first started learning about creative visualization when I was three or four years old attending what I called “bowling school.” It was really a daycareContinue reading “Think, Visualize, Act (MKE 7)”

The Power Of Concentration (MKE 6)

I can’t count how many times I’ve been told about the importance of paying attention throughout my life by my parents, teachers and my martial arts instructors. I would venture to say — many hundreds of thousands of times to be sure. When I was young I just thought it was something adults would sayContinue reading “The Power Of Concentration (MKE 6)”