Accomplishments (MKE 12)


We have all experienced accomplishments or strived for them. 

Throughout our lives, we are often judged by our peers by the number of things we’ve accomplished, or by how big those accomplishments were.

Who’s to say – or judge – how big or small an accomplishment is? Only YOU can say, because it’s yours to own. Although most goals are achieved by a team of supportive people, such as a mastermind, no one can judge them. Only you. Your achievements are not that of your friends, family or anybody else. Just You.

Everyone defines an accomplishment differently. Someone who is dealing with an illness that restricts their movement may see getting out of bed each morning as a great accomplishment, and it is. For others, getting the kids off to school on time is an accomplishment. For me, I’m paying attention to all my achievements, big and small. All are to be celebrated. Your subconscious doesn’t differentiate between them. My subconscious doesn’t know there’s a difference between earning my Black Belt in Martial Arts and sending Christmas cards out to my family. It doesn’t differentiate between quitting drinking, posting my daily workouts faithfully, and cleaning the cat box. I am recognizing and celebrating ALL of them. 

When you celebrate your accomplishments, you are training your subconscious that you CAN and DO accomplish your goals. 

Haanel says the 3 steps that are essential to achieving our accomplishments are: 

1. The acknowledgement of our power. 

2. The courage to dare. 

3. The faith to do.

Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application, and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.

Charles Haanel

I’m working to apply these steps to achieve my next accomplishments: completing this course, becoming a certified personal trainer, and of course, cleaning the cat box. 

3 thoughts on “Accomplishments (MKE 12)

  1. Awesome thoughts on accomplishments! This has me thinking about them and focused on them today… big and small. All of it is training our brains (subby) that we “can and do” accomplish our goals! Yes! I look forward to seeing how your next accomplishments unfold.


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