Imagination – The Building Blocks Of Your Reality (MKE 8)

Has anyone ever said to you, that you have a wild imagination? I never really liked that saying. It always made me feel as though I was just a dreamer, never the architect of my thoughts. 

As a child, I used my imagination to conjure up ways to play and keep myself occupied when I was alone. As an adult, it became more apparent to me that the imagination is a tool that can be used to create. An idea can take shape in our minds and become substance from those thoughts.

Imagination is the constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action.

Charles Haanel

All successful people throughout history have had constructive imaginations. Where would the world be without Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla or Alexander Graham Bell whose imaginations helped change the world?

We all have the same capabilities as those great inventors to bring to life what our minds can imagine.

The MKE course has shown me this can be true, that using the principles of the 7 Laws of Nature along with the teachings of Haanel I can bring a harmonious connection from creative thinking to constructive imagination to manifestation of physical action. 

I found it difficult this past week when trying to imagine what to teach my students. We emphasize social distancing while in class which means every student has to practice techniques in the air.

Since martial arts is combat oriented, normally students practice their skills on each other. Because of Covid 19 that’s no longer possible. I had to imagine new ways to present the techniques so that the students wouldn’t get bored. 

This week I took the time to meditate, and I imagined myself in class teaching a sequence of techniques to the students with the emphasis on disguising the techniques to add variety, and so students wouldn’t have “the same old same old” experiences. It worked. I was able to show them techniques they’ve done before, just in a new imaginative way. I was really inspired by the results.

When I was young I thought imagination was just like daydreaming, letting random thoughts and images go through my head, not necessarily leading anywhere. I’ve been so excited to discover that imagination in the form of focused thoughts and visualizations is the foundation for creating my own outcomes, my own reality.

Can I get a Whoop Whoop? 🙂

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