The Power of Within (MKE 5)

The human mind is the most comprehensive computer in existence, complex in its design and function. It is said that we only use 10% of the power that it is capable of generating. So what about the other untapped 90%? Why is it that some people seem to utilize more of its power than others?

Maybe it’s because the people who tap into the other 90% think differently. Thoughts to words — words to action. The mind in action is thought, and thought achieves creative results. Matter is powerless without the mind to give it power.

To get control over matter we need to have a pre-existing thought. To achieve your desired result, you must first see it in your mind’s eye for it to become your reality. (Thought is creative). But often we let outside elements (such as home, business, and social environments) interfere with or influence our way of thinking, which can have great impacts on our ideas and prejudices. Unfortunately we often accept these influences on our thinking without any real consideration of how they affect us. Our thoughts can give way to physical responses by way of the Sympathetic System, or the conscious to the subconscious mind.

Negative thoughts lead us on a path to destructive results which can be corrosive to our bodies like a bad battery, whereas positive thoughts lead us to a path of empowerment. True power comes from within and all things are possible when you believe they are. Our subconscious mind is the powerhouse of our thoughts and the engine to bring about our desired results. Power perceived is power achieved.

The great fact is, that the source of all life and all power is from within. Persons, circumstances and events may suggest need and opportunities, but the insight, strength and power to answer these needs will be found within.

Charles Haanel

I discovered this to be true in my own life when I started training in the martial arts. The circumstances and people in my life were trying to interfere or sabotage my thinking, telling me I wouldn’t last or be any good. I turned inward and started meditating on all the positive things that I was getting from martial arts, and the things I wanted to achieve. My thoughts began to manifest my desired result and soon I was teaching and leading classes. I believe that going within, meditating, visualizing, and tapping into the power within, is what gave me these results.  

Before starting my MKE journey, I didn’t believe that I could complete a course like this. But look at me now… I’m writing my fifth blog post and kicking butt! And it’s all because I’m doing my best to apply these very principles.

7 thoughts on “The Power of Within (MKE 5)

  1. You are indeed kicking butt! I think it’s fantastic that you have done the inner work before, meditating on all the positive things martial arts gave you, as well as the things you wanted to achieve. And you have seen how well it works, how those thoughts manifested for you. Awesome! Keep up the good work, and keep butt-kicking your blogging and the exercises in this course! 😀

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    1. Thank you Bibi. I’m feeling really motivated by the lessons I’m learning from the MKE and how it’s helping me to unleash my untapped potential. The responses I get from these blogs only strengthen my resolve to see it through to completion.

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      1. I’m so happy for you, Dan! Happy that you are motivated by the lessons, and happy that you’re doing this for YOU! There’s nothig like it! Is that an opinion? Speaking of experience, I think it is a fact 🙂


  2. You are an awesome butt-kicker!!! 😀 In martial arts (literally), as a trainer pushing your clients, pushing yourself physically — and now pushing yourself mentally and personally to grow. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things (this) and kicking butt! Keep going with your badass dedicated self!!! Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds for you when you do!

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  3. Hey Dan glad that I am not only the only one thinking that I would not be able to complete a course like this but look at you go. Keep up the good work and see it through


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