I Am In Service (MKE 4)

Have you ever used affirmations as a way of channeling your energy to bring about a positive outcome, goal or mindset?

Ever since I can remember, I always felt a connection to a higher power (God, Spirit, Creator, Gaia). When I would look at the sky or see an animal or the leaves on a tree I could see the energy all around it. Not fully understanding what I was experiencing, my thoughts were running wild trying to figure it out. But I knew I felt a Spiritual connection or vibration. All things have a rhythm or vibration. In Haanel, thought is explained as spiritual energy carried by the law of vibration.

The phrase “I AM” is the affirmation I use to bring my thoughts or spiritual energy into focus. My thoughts take form so that they grow and manifest into creative power. I realize that the “I” isn’t about me but about what I can do in the service of others. True power comes from the flow of giving. For when you give of yourself the law of attraction multiplies your return.

The more we give the more we shall get, we must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity. The Universal is constantly seeking to express itself, to be of service, and it seeks the channel whereby it can find the greatest activity, where it can do the most good, where it can be of greatest service to mankind.

Charles Haanel

The Universe looks to express itself through each individual, and each individual’s service is different.

I’m on a quest to be my best, in the service of others this week.

7 thoughts on “I Am In Service (MKE 4)

  1. This post is so you. So spiritual, so real, and tuned into giving and service. Awesome post. Love the quote from Haanel, and your decision to be on a “quest to be your best, in service of others.” Beautiful.

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