Opening My Mind to Change (MKE 1)

This is my first blog post, so bear with me as I’m new to writing one. I’ve been in MKE for just about a week now and I’m really excited to begin my journey of renewed self-discovery and thereby unlock my untapped potential. As I read The World’s Greatest Salesman I can see how the scrolls are a means to opening up my mind to change and to change the way I think. Thoughts to words, words to deeds, lead to accomplishment and success by not letting my subconscious mind deceive me into believing that I can’t grow.

9 thoughts on “Opening My Mind to Change (MKE 1)

  1. Hi Dan! Congratulations with your very first blog post! I wish you a very warm welcome to the MKE and to your own journey of renewed self-discovery. Trust the process and keep up the good work.

    I’m rooting for you all the way from Norway! ♥


  2. The hardest thing stopping your mind from telling you can’t do things. We have been taught so many things that are not correct but out mind the subconscious does not know that because all those thoughts have been reinforced. It great you are taking these steps. I am doing them with you and Laura.

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